We do all the hard works to keep you easy.

We are passionate and dedicated to delivering top notch services increase your property value in long term. Not only from monetary value perspective, but also how well a property can give the feeling of home to owners like you.

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About Easy Ren International

Easy Ren International provides full service for property investment needs and house renovations at all levels. Whether your property is for investment to rent out, or for your own stay, Easy Ren can assist you.

Our Service

Property Management

As a fully licensed property management and renovation company with over 10 years of experience, Easy Ren makes it easy for property owners to source and manage tenants, and conduct thorough renovations.

With our services, you’ll receive assistance in better occupancy rate, tenant retention and satisfaction, anticipate your property’s needs, and increase return on rental property investment.

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For home buyers, Easy Ren is fully capable of helping you with the house transformation of your dreams, and even small changes that will help make your house a home.

Our team of experts ensure that nothing falls through the cracks and your property is handled with optimal care and keen attention that will help preserve its value over time. Whether you need a full facelift or need to execute minor maintenance, our renovation services can transform your property through our designers and workers with artisan level craftmanship.

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Through our extensive network and past experience in managing more than 60 properties, we strive to provide comfort and a sense of relief for landlords, tenants and home owners. In our efforts to renovate and manage properties, we design and operate with the mindset of making people happy with their new space.


At Easy Ren International, we aim to provide services that serve our clients at an affordable cost without the hassle of handling everything on your own. We are committed to curating a community of trust and accommodation so that everyone can live happily and respect one another in the process. There’s no job too small or too big for Easy Ren to handle.

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