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Rising Rental Market

Malaysia property rental market is still growing despite the pandemic, with tenants willing to pay more for better space, it requires Experience and Professional Knowledge in serving those needs.

Challenges for Property Owners

It takes tremendous efforts to make positive income out of properties, you need

  • A Working Rental Strategy
  • Maximise Property Value
  • Source for Tenants
  • Rental Management

Plus other ad-hoc tasks and headache, just so happens here is an expert can help you.

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Alicia Tan
Property Investor

My Real Property Guru, Easy Ren.

Instead of a typical property agent do only sourcing tenants, appointing Easy Ren is like having someone to manage your properties like their own, handling everything, flexing their experience to add value into your properties in long term.

Their dedication and professionalism are so rare to find nowadays.

Case Study 01

Dynamic Rental Strategy

Speedy transformation of properties into student hostel, living space for working adults, or for short term stay based on trend to ensure positive cashflow.

Our pool of properties became student hostels before pandemic, then turns hostel for working adults during pandemic. Either way, it works under management of Easyren.

Nicson Khoo
Rep of Investors





Case Study 02

Stand Out From Fierce Competition

Struggling in rental war? With the right strategy and experience makes your properties stand out from competition in your area.

There are alot of competitions in this premise and Easyren has made my properties stand out in a short period of time, kudos.

Joyce Lee
Investor at Emporis





13 years

Property Payback

Case Study 03

Earn Rental Income Remotely

Can’t manage property remotely from far away? Never leave it to dust, leave it to real expert and generate income out of it.

Easyren constantly adjust their rental strategy to keep my property positive in cashflow, before and during pandemic. I had given them my house key since 2018 and amazed of how they maintain the rental performance over the years.

Aik Seng
Investor at Scott Garden


Occupancy Rate



14 years

Property Payback

Leave It To The Professionals

With more than 10 years experience combined, Easyren seasoned in maximising rental income especially in Klang Valley area.


3 Steps To Unlock Your New Automated Passive Income

In a nutshell, we summarised all the small to big tasks in our property management service into 3 steps, which comprise of followings.

  • Rental Planning
  • Tenant Sourcing
  • Securing Tenants
  • Property Maintenance
  • Rental Collection and Bill Payment
  • Tenants’ Feedback

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Step 1


We kickstart by doing a site survey to identify the best rental strategy and pricing. Proper planning comes greater success.

Step 2


From sourcing tenants, property maintenance, bill payment, rental collection and managing tenants’ feedback, nothing comes to you at this point, we handle it all.

Step 3


Here goes your earnings of the month, and a highly transparent report to let you know what and how we get things done.

Care For Your Budget

Nobody likes extra cost, we ensure low or NO Initial Cost in the process.

Hassle Free

Nothing come to you except income.

Dynamic Strategy

Adapt to environment swiftly to keep your cashflow positive.

Cost Effective

Every cost spent will have a positive impact to your income.


We let you know how and what we do in report.

Happy Living For All

We are committed to curating a community of trust and accommodation so that everyone can live happily and respect one another in the process.

There’s no job too small or too big for Easy Ren to handle.

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