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Easy Ren Sdn Bhd is the property management company who provides total solution for your property investment,
we are your best property investment partner.

We provide room rental management, whole unit rental management, tenant management and short stay rental
management services to individual property owners to maximize their return of their property investment.

With our complete and advance property management system and software, we able to manage your property in
most efficient and effective manner to maximize your investment return.

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What Do We Do?

Room Renting Management

We rent out your unit room by room to multiple tenants and manage your tenants to maximise your rental
yield as room renting usually increase your monthly rental but it comes with even more hassle as more
tenants to deal with and more complaints
to be received. We provide service from securing tenants,
collecting rental, property upkeep and maintenance as well as property details report.

Short Stay and Whole Unit Management

We also provide services of whole unit and short stay management. We will market your units in all market
platform such as airbnb, agoda etc and also work with building management and local agents to secure
more tenants as well as collecting
rental, solve complain, cleaning, check in and out etc.

Rental Collection and Property Related Payment

We will collect the rental on behalf of landlords and ensure the payment punctuality to ensure the return
of your property. All the payments such as utilities, building maintenance fee, assessment and quit rent
etc. would be managed and solved
by us.

Property Report

With our advance and complete property management software and management system, we will be able to send
our clients accurate property details report on monthly basis to ensure our clients able to keep track
their property investment rental
collection, occupancy rate, maintenance cost etc.

Property Regular Checking, Upkeep and Maintenance

We will check your property condition as well as furniture and appliances condition regularly. We have
our own handyman to provide property upkeep and maintenance such as light repair, tap repair, leaking
etc when it is necessary. We will
help to solve all complains of property issues from your tenants to
ease your mind as this is always the headache part of property investors.

Rental Marketing and Securing Tenants

With our professional associate property agents, marketers for online platform, sales executive etc., we
will help to rent your property in shorter period and avoid occupancy lost.

Hostel Management

We have been engaged by few university providers to fully manage their hostel for their students includes
rental collecting, security measure, repair and maintenance, financial report for university or hostel
provider party. We welcome for
any engagement to provide hostel for university, factory, workers,
short business trip or training accommodation etc.

Tenants Urgent and Complaint Line

We have our team of caretaker to handle your tenant urgent matters as well as complains, all complains
and urgent matters would be solved in reasonable time frame to ensure the tenants satisfaction, we
believe in Happy Tenants Happy Landlords.

Property Income Taxation Report

We will prepare the property taxation report on yearly basis with all tax deductible expenses adjustment
and accurate rental income for tax submission.

Some Properties We Managing

We vision to reform the property industry with innovations, quality and consistent service.

To provide finest professional service to property owners, investors and developers, and helping
to sought after ideal place to live.

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