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Easyren provides full-fledged property services, aiming to increase your property value.



Your private property manager. Your rental yield is our priority.

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Your most commited and responsive interior designer and renovation contractor.

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I want to make my property
  • Generate Income
  • Look Awesome
  • Self Sustain
  • A Cozy Place

Here you are in the right place.


More Than Nice Looking

It takes more than fancy design to elevate a property’s value

  • Lower maintenance in long term
  • Practical and cozy to owners & tenants
  • Low initial investment yet impactful

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Property Value First

We emphasize value in all aspect. From boosting your property value, service, and the overall property’s look and feel to home owners and tenants.

More About Us

Aik Seng
Investor at Scott Garden

Easyren constantly adjust their rental strategy to keep my property positive in cashflow, before and during pandemic. I had given them my house key since 2018 and amazed of how they maintain the rental performance over the years.

Joyce Lee
Investor at Emporis

There are alot of competitions in this premise and Easyren has made my properties stand out in a short period of time, kudos.

Nicson Khoo
Rep of Investors

Our pool of properties became student hostels before pandemic, then turns hostel for working adults during pandemic. Either way, it works under management of Easyren.

Alicia Tan
Property Investor

Instead of a typical property agent do only sourcing tenants, appointing Easy Ren is like having someone to manage your properties like their own, handling everything, flexing their experience to add value into your properties in long term.

Scott Ng
Home Owner

Staff of Easyren are super responsive, very quick reply all the way before and after sales.

Julio Chong
Home Owner

My job requires me to travel for most of the time, I can only visit my new home 1-2 times a week however the renovation work done very well and detailed.

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